06/11/2012 04:19 pm ET

Cute Sleeping Kitten Naps Through Playtime (VIDEO)

If you've ever tried to wake up a conked-out significant other on a lazy weekend morning, you probably know this feeling. One of these kittens wants to play, but the other just wants to keep on snoozing.

Guess who wins?

In this video posted by YouTube user SKYtomo, a playful kitten tries to wake up the sleepy one. But try as he might, the active kitty just can't rouse his friend from his nap.

Most of the time, the antics are just adorable, but at times they're pretty funny, too.

Will he wake up if I play with his tail? How about if I nibble his ear? At one point, the playful cat gets so distracted by the attempts that it slips into the space between the table and the wall.

As the cat video pros at Buzzfeed observed, "This is what those of us in the cat-video business call a 'Lopsided Play Dynamic.'"

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