06/11/2012 10:35 am ET

Injured Hammerhead Shark Rescued By South Florida Beachgoers In Sunny Isles (VIDEO)

After an injured hammerhead shark washed ashore in Sunny Isles on Sunday, two beachgoers attempted to rescue the ailing animal by taking it back out to sea on the back of a boogie board.

Watch the video above from WSVN.

"It's dying. Let it die; it's sick," one man can be heard saying as the shark violently flips and rolls in the shallow waves.

Another man on the beach noticed that the almost 3-foot-long hammerhead was missing one of its fins, presuming it has been injured in a catch-and-release.

After crowds of people filmed the seemingly sick shark flailing on the beach, two beachgoers attempt a rescue by placing the shark on the back of boogie board and towing the board via a waverunner about a mile out into the ocean.

As of January 1, hammerhead sharks have been protected in Florida waters although catch-and-release is still legal.

To minimize injury and death, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission recommends the following catch-and-release techniques:
  • Use tackle heavy enough to land a fish quickly, reducing exhaustion
  • Release the fish while it is in the water when possible
  • Use a de-hooking device to remove hooks safely
  • Use non-stainless steel hooks that can dissolve if they remain in a fish
  • Use non-offset circle hooks to avoid gut-hooking a fish

FWC also recommends that people contact their regional FWC authorities instead of trying to save injured animals themselves.