06/11/2012 05:10 pm ET

Man Ticketed After Praying For Rain At Boulder Reservoir, Placing Marbles In Lake, Threatening Employees With Golf Club

Colorado's wildfire season began in earnest with the late-March Lower North Fork Fire that destroyed more than 20 homes. And as the High Park Fire near Fort Collins increases past 36,000 acres, the fear of Coloradans state-wide is palpable.

So we welcomed this offbeat tidbit about a man who took matters into his own hands this weekend. We don't condone his actions, especially in light of the fact that he earned a visit and a citation from the Boulder Police Department in the process, but his heart seems to be in the right place.

According to police records, a 35-year-old male was cited for trespassing at the Boulder Reservoir Saturday. He told police he was there to pray for rain to help slow the High Park Fire's progress.

Unfortunately, the man was also dropping marbles into the reservoir as part of the ritual, and when confronted, threatened an employee there with a golf club. According to the Daily Camera, he was ticketed for trespassing on and damaging public property, and obstructing government operations.

Flickr photo via Laertes