06/11/2012 03:26 pm ET

'Revenge' Season 2 Spoilers: Which New Characters Will Be Introduced

"Revenge" fans have some new insight about what -- and who -- is to come in Season 2, thanks to a new exclusive TV Guide report.

Of course, viewers already anticipated the search for Emily's previously presumed-dead mom, who, it was revealed in the shocking "Revenge" Season 1 finale, is still alive. "Revenge" executive producer Mike Kelley told TV Guide that Emily's mom "won't be easy to find. She's been gone, deliberately, for a very long time. Emily is one messed-up girl, and she's going to find out the apple didn't fall far from the tree."

But TV Guide reveals that Emily's mom is not the only new arrival. Kelley told the website, Season 2 will see many new characters:

  • Conrad's ex-wife and kids
  • Victoria's mom
  • A new puppy to replace Sammy
  • And more ghosts of Emily's, Amanda's and Nolan's past

As far as Nolan goes, Kelley also told TVLine in May that we may meet the Hampton dandy's brothers and/or sisters in Season 2. Kelley went on to tease that "Revenge's" second season will once again "flash forward to a big summer event, like the Fire & Ice Ball [in Season 1]." He also told the site that "there will definitely be a wedding next year, and there will definitely be another death" and that Daniel is going to "get even darker next season."

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