06/11/2012 08:13 am ET Updated Jun 11, 2012

Rome's Trevi Fountain Crumbling Due To Bad Weather

Rome's iconic Trevi Fountain appears to be the latest monument to show its age. Chunks of plaster and stucco, measuring up to three inches wide, have been falling from the structure, reports the Herald Sun.

According to The Telegraph, this is due to this year's unusually cold winter. Snow and ice infiltrated existing cracks then expanded.

Part of the Trevi Fountain was roped off Monday after the damage was noticed. Pieces that look close to falling off are being removed to protect tourists below.

The fountain was last restored in 1990.

Meanwhile, Rome has had to deal with reports that its Colosseum might be crumbling and Venice is levying a tourist tax to help the city weather perpetual crowds. The peninsula, it would be fair to say, has seen better days.

Italy isn't alone. China's Great Wall is collapsing due to mining and, in the U.S., a number of historical sites have fallen into disrepair, landing on a list of the most endangered historic places.