Two Bikers Ride To NYC From Albuquerque Traveling 3,300 Miles (VIDEO)

A pair of wanderlusting bikers have completed an awesome journey travelling 3,300 miles from Albuquerque to New York City with an equally epic video documenting bits from the four-month ride.

The video includes footage of the two, Andrew and Caleb, dancing in front of state signs, pitching tents in the wilderness, and jumping off cliffs.

The excursion was intended to actually end in Los Angeles for a counterclockwise trip, but it looks like a dangerous crash in New Jersey and getting a bike stolen in Manhattan has cut the bike ride short (not cool, New York!).

Still, what a feat, right? But as their blog explains, peddling far distances while precariously filming one another on bikes may not be as hard as what us ordinary folk take on with the daily office grind: "We know that for two underprepared non-cyclists this is ambitious, but so is taking on a life of indoor, office work." Touche!