06/12/2012 10:45 am ET

Jerry Sandusky Penn State Abuse Secret File Points To Institutional Cover-up

Allegations of an institutional cover-up of the Penn State sexual abuse scandal reached a fever pitch on Monday after sources at the Attorney General's Office indicated that former Penn State vice-president Gary Schultz kept a secret file on Jerry Sandusky's alleged abusive incidents, casting doubt on his previous grand jury testimony, KDKA-TV reports.

“Only recently was the commonwealth provided with a file containing documents relating to incidents involving Sandusky," Attorney General’s office said in a statement. “The file was created, maintained and possessed by Schultz. Documents in that file are inconsistent with statements by Schultz and his co-defendant, Curley, to the Grand Jury."

The Attorney General also mentioned emails between Curley, Schultz and what KDKA-TV reports as "other high-ranking officials" that directly contradict Grand Jury testimony.

Penn State maintains the files in question were "immediately turned over."

The secret file comes to light after it was revealed yesterday that Graham Spanier, Penn State's former president, emailed that it would be "humane" not to turn Sandusky in to law enforcement.

Penn State has been embroiled in a horrific sexual abuse scandal since November of last year. For more on the case, check out our timeline of the scandal. For real-time updates on Sandusky's trial check out HuffPost Sports' live-blog here.



Key Players In The Sandusky Scandal At Penn State (All Images via AP)