06/12/2012 06:25 pm ET

Louie Gohmert Blasts Obama Commerce Secretary John Bryson Over Hit-And-Run Incidents

Tea Party firebrand Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) doesn't pull his punches -- even when it comes to Secretary of Commerce John Bryson.

Bryson hit two cars Saturday, earning a hit-and-run citation. The Commerce Department explained that Bryson had suffered a seizure. He is now on medical leave, and has no timetable for returning to work.

Rather than express concern for Bryson's health, however, Gohmert attacked him over the incidents.

“That’s who’s in charge of keeping businesses going -- a guy who crashes his car from car to car,” he said on American Family Association Radio Tuesday.

Gohmert also questioned Bryson's medical diagnosis.

“It’s really unusual to have a seizure cause you to have one wreck, and then cause you to put your car in gear and keep going until you have another wreck. That kind of seizure is really unusual, you know?”

Gohmert also used the crashes to attack the Obama administration as a whole.

“These are not the kind of people that you want heading up the country. They’re not honorable, honest people,” he said.