06/12/2012 11:47 am ET Updated Jun 12, 2012

Man Who Thinks Gays Are 'Criminals' Is Rejected By Police Academy, Sues NYPD For Discrimination

A man identified in court papers only as "Fahran Doe" is suing the NYPD, The New York Daily News reports, after he was rejected from entering the Police Academy for responding "Yes" on an application to the question "Should homosexuals be locked up?" In a follow up interview with a police psychiatrist, Doe affirmed his view, saying he thought gays were "criminals."

Doe, who's worked as an auxiliary cop in Brooklyn, is a Pakistani Muslim, and the lawsuit claims the NYPD discriminated against him for his religious views.

"The First Amendment is very clear," argued Doe's lawyer, Jerold Levine, in "saying that you can’t discriminate against someone because they have a view you do not like.”

While the NYPD could punish Doe for acting out on his views, Levine argued, they can't not hire him on the basis of his thoughts.

The NYPD argues, however, that Doe's "bias" could have “significant disruptive consequences” in dealing with the LGBT community, both inside and outside the force.

Meanwhile, debate over Doe's case took an Islamophobic turn on the NYPD free speech-comment board "NYPD Rant."

"Infiltration is our biggest weakness," one commenter wrote. "Gotta wonder if this was a blatant attempt by the rag heads to infiltrate our ranks. Surprisingly, common sense prevailed over political correctness in this case."

Another commenter agreed with the NYPD's decision on less inflammatory grounds.

"The "standard" in this case has nothing to do with anyone's religious views," the commenter wrote. "It has to do with this moron's inability to distinguish his "view" from the law. You can't hire someone to a law enforcement position who thinks that "homosexuals should be locked up." Next you thing you know he'll be calling the boss to the scene of a "collar" and telling the boss that the charge is "being a homosexual." "