06/12/2012 02:32 pm ET

Sue Simmons' Last Day At WNBC Friday June 15th (VIDEO)

Despite multiple social media campaigns to salvage her post at WNBC, veteran news anchor Sue Simmons is on track to exit the station on Friday, June 15th.

Simmons' final newscast will air during the 11pm slot opposite co-anchor Chuck Scarborough, ending the 32 year run of New York's longest running anchor team.

The 69-year old's firing back in March sparked heavy backlash from Simmons' loyal fans and even a #SaveSueSimmons hashtag, Facebook group, and Tumblr account devoted to keeping the longtime anchor on air.

Despite the heartfelt attempts, however, not everyone's sad to see her go. The New York Post reported on disgruntled WNBC employees who have come to resent Simmons for her whopping $5 million a year salary and alleged bad attitude.

Simmons' history of on-air gaffes, most notably her infamous "What the f**k" faux pas, and admittance to boozing on the job probably hasn't helped save her career either. Even as recently as May, the anchor bestowed onto viewers yet another blunder, candidly chatting about an assault on her breasts, not realizing she was still on air.

Regardless, her absence will surely be felt in the community, as fans continue to post their goodbyes on Facebook. One fan wrote:

God bless you Sue ! You've made us laugh much more than we've had reasons to cry, and those of us who have worked with you will always miss people like you who make work an absolute pleasure.

As for her replacement, 36-year old Shiba Russell is rumored to be taking over the legendary seat.

For the very best of Sue Simmons, watch below: