One Direction Video: Teens React To Boy Band (WATCH)

When the name of popular British boy band is mentioned in the above video, reactions range from "OMG, that's ONE DIRECTION!" to groans of "Another boy band… NO! When will it end?"

Just because millions of screaming fans are infatuated with One Direction's bubbly lyrics, British accents and pop-star style doesn't mean that everyone has declared themselves a die-hard Directioner. The latest bit of One Direction mania to hit the Internet is a six-minute episode of "Teens React," featuring a group of young people weighing in on the pop music's biggest new obsession -- with the hit single "What Makes You Beautiful" playing in the background, of course.

Teens have also expressed split reactions to other major pop-culture crazes like Twilight. In other episodes of "Teens React," students sound off about Toddlers & Tiaras and share their thoughts on the Twilight saga. But when it came to Rick Perry's anti-gay marriage campaign ad, most teens had pretty similar reactions -- and they weren't so positive.

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