06/12/2012 01:25 pm ET

Yacht Explosion Hoax: Possible Band Names

Like the Coast Guard, we're not quite sure what happened Monday afternoon that led over 200 responders to fly out in search of an exploded yacht. The Coast Guard and NYPD searched the waters off Sandy Hook, New Jersey after they received a highly detailed distress call claiming a superyacht with 21 aboard exploded, but that all passengers were picked up by a different ship named The Erica. Also, seven injuries were reported. But when they got to where the ship supposedly blew up, the Coast Guard found nothing, leading them to believe the whole was actually made up.

So. It was all either an elaborate hoax, a ghost story or some frightening beginning to a Hasbro movie. Perhaps because 'Yacht' is already a band and we are fans of existing Yacht Rockers, this whole episode strikes us as great material for more band names, which the world desperately needs (#4 comes courtesy of HuffPostBooks' Zoe). Our suggestions below.

Yacht Hoax

Ghost Yacht

The Blind Date Explosion

Sandy Hook Distress Caller

The Coast Guard

The Ghost Guard

Blind Date Hoax

Missing Erica

Angry Coast Guard

The Crying Of Yacht 49

It's Looking A Yacht Like Christmas