06/13/2012 02:42 pm ET

Goose '50 Cent' On The Mend From 7 Gunshot Wounds In Arkansas

There are moments when we all wish we could channel rapper 50 Cent and party like it's our birthday. Except this time, the reveling 'Fitty' is a goose who is on the mend after surviving multiple gunshot wounds.

On Monday, veterinarians removed a rod from the wing of a goose who had been shot seven times, the Baxter Bulletin reported.

The goose frequented a pond near Mountain Home, Ark, so when residents noticed that the goose was injured in early May, they brought him into the clinic.

Upon the bird's arrival, an X-ray revealed that a bone in the animal's wing was fractured. Veterinarian Rob Conner installed the metal rod into the wing to help the bone heal.

Workers at the clinic decided to call the resilient bird '50 Cent,' after the rap artist who survived nine gunshot wounds in 2001.

Conner told the Baxter Bulletin that workers at the animal clinic originally thought to name the injured bird Tupac.

"Tupac died though," Conner told the Bulletin. "50 Cent was shot several times and he survived, so we named him 50 Cent."

It is unclear why the bird was shot. Conner told the Bulletin that it was likely a citizen shot the bird as a means to shoo it away.

The animal will remain at the clinic for the next six weeks, Conner said. Workers are attempting to find the bird a good home.

Animals have taken human names for many years. In January 2012, a species of crab was named for former "Baywatch" actor David Hasselhoff. On the coastal dunes of northern California, a trapdoor spider can proudly call itself "Aptostichus angelinajolieae," after the Hollywood actress, according to The Vine. Rihanna reportedly owns a Pomeranian named Bob Marley, according to Petside.



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