06/13/2012 05:57 pm ET

Minnesota Twins Fan Catches Foul Ball While On Cell Phone (VIDEO)

This Minnesota Twins fan sure knows how to multitask.

The preoccupied fan was chatting on his cell phone when he caught a foul ball during a game against the Philadelphia Phillies. And much to our amazement, he didn't drop the ball -- or the call for that matter.

After reaching out to make the catch, the fan simply sits back down and finishes his conversation with a slight smile on his face as the women next to him applaud and examine the souvenir.

Critics might be quick to note the catch wasn't all that hard to make, but as Steve DelVecchio points out on the Larry Brown Sports blog: "Yes, he was wearing a glove and it took a perfect bounce, but that’s not the point. [It was] the way he continued to chat on his phone like a boss..."

Deadspin writer Dom Cosentino even took the liberty of scripting the man's phone conversation.

On first glance, the fan might not look too excited about his feat, but as soon as the camera pans back into the audience, he offers a confident shrug and a smug smile that completely blow his cover.

Show's over, buddy. We know you know that was awesome.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Twins fan isn't the first sports enthusiast to make a heck of catch while on his cell phone.

Last year, a Texas Rangers fan managed to catch a foul ball while barely leaving the comfort of his seat. In true badass fashion, he held the ball up for all to see while finishing his conversation.

(Via Deadspin)