06/13/2012 06:38 pm ET

Unicorn Sashimi , Ski Movie, Cools Off The Dog Days Of Summer With A Trip To Japan (VIDEO)

We realize the absurdity of running a ski movie just a week before the summer solstice. But hey, in South America it's winter right now, and given the drought conditions and extreme heat we've been baked with, thoughts of snow may be just what the doctor ordered.

Sweetgrass Productions, fresh off the release of Solitaire in the fall of 2011, have pushed out a short ski film in tandem with Felt Soul Media (both Colorado companies). Titled Unicorn Sashimi, the 5 minute 30 second piece edges toward abstraction: there are no words and no discernible plot. Yet the rhythmic music and beautiful cinematography combine for a nice (cool) breather.

The team explains on Vimeo: "Felt Soul Media teamed up with Nick Waggoner and Yuki Miyazaki of Sweetgrass Productions in January 2012 to hunt the mythical Hokkaido Unicorn. The creature proved difficult to capture on film, so we just decided to do a little skiing."

WATCH Unicorn Sashimi, above. WATCH shorts from the production of Solitaire, below.



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