06/14/2012 10:13 am ET

Retirement For Singles: 5 Great Cities For Older Singles

Planning your retirement as a single person means have slightly different criteria for your destination than your coupled counterparts -- namely the opportunity to socialize and hang with other older singletons.

With the acknowledgement that older singles, like singles of any age, are looking for a thousand different things, the AARP recently came up with a list of American cities that might particularly appeal them based on the size of their older populations and the opportunities they provide to socialize, as well as more general criteria such as access to and cost of healthcare.

Milwaukee, for example, made the list as a "manageably sized city populated by fun-loving locals" with good public transportation and extensive cultural offerings, while larger cities such as San Francisco also made the cut despite a higher cost of living because of their "sheer single-friendliness."

Check out the slideshow below for five of these "great cities for older singles," and be sure to click over to the AARP's site for the full list. And don't forget to add any other cities you feel deserve a mention as great retirement places for older singles in the comments.



Great Cities For Older Singles