06/14/2012 03:37 pm ET

Jeremy Lin vs. Roy Hibbert In Jimmy Kimmel Live Skype Scavenger Hunt (VIDEO)

Need a Linsanity fix? Just because the New York Knicks -- and an injured Jeremy Lin -- were eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Miami Heat weeks ago doesn't mean that you can't see Lin in action.

With a prize quite different than the Larry O'Brien Trophy on the line, late night host Jimmy Kimmel pitted Lin against Roy Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers (who were also ousted by Miami) in a Skype-assisted scavenger hunt.

"I think I'm ready for the change of directions and stuff that the scavenger hunt requires," Lin joked before the start of the game, alluding to the knee surgery that sidelined him during the Knicks' brief visit to the postseason.

Kimmel sent the hoopsters running around their homes, frantically searching for an object that would match his description for each round. The first to bring the object back to their computer and show it to the audience, via Skype, was awarded a point.

After a hard fought battle, only one walked away with the grand prize -- a DVD copy of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's not exactly an NBA championship ring, but it may be able to hold the stars over through the rest of the offseason.

As long as they don't mind watching Kris Humphries.