06/14/2012 02:04 pm ET

Lindsay Lohan Car Crash: Police Didn't Get Blood Test From Actress

Lindsay Lohan crashed a rented Porsche into the back of a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway last week, and though she was taken to the emergency room to be checked out, police never requested a blood sample from the starlet, reports RadarOnline.

Neither Lohan nor her assistant, who was in the passenger seat, was injured in the crash, which is amazing given the extensive damage to the car. A source close to Lohan admits to RadarOnline that though police didn't request a blood test from the actress, she did submit to a portable breathalyzer test along with several other field sobriety tests, and "passed them all."

"She did everything that was asked of her and cooperated fully," explained the insider. "This is why the cops didn't request a blood sample from Lindsay, as they concluded that she wasn't under the influence and didn't need to be given a blood test. Lindsay was shaken up obviously about the accident, but that is to be expected. The cops told her that she was lucky to be alive, and her seat belt absolutely saved her life."

Over the years, Lohan has established herself as a horrible driver. In July 2011, she was involved in an alleged hit-and-run, though charges were never filed. The star has been involved in multiple accidents over the years, which all started with her infamous 2007 DUI arrest.

Given Lohan's awful driving record, it's no surprise that producers at Lifetime thought it best to get the 25-year-old a driver for the duration of filming "Liz & Dick."

A publicist close to the network told The Huffington Post that Lifetime stood to lose a ton of money if Lohan isn't able to finish filming the biopic, and hiring a driver would be cheaper than losing her.

Lohan is back filming on set this week, but the drama around the crash continues. Earlier this week there were reports that cops found a plastic bottle containing alcohol in the trunk of the car, but Sgt. Richard Lewis of the Santa Monica Police Department denied the claims, telling reporters, "There was no container retrieved from the vehicle. There was a container found in the debris by the side of the road, but that doesn’t mean it came from the car.”

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