06/14/2012 02:26 am ET

'Melissa & Joey': Mel Punches Out A Rude Guy At The Movies, Affecting Her Campaign (VIDEO)

Everybody fantasizes about punching the guy at the movies who takes phone calls and talks loud enough that everyone around him can hear his call. After convincing Joe and the kids to avoid confrontation, the guy finally pushed things too far -- when he literally pushed Mel -- prompting Mel to knock him out with one punch on "Melissa & Joey" (Wed., 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family).

Mel tried to downplay her involvement, but when video of the assault went viral and her campaign strategist saw it, a new idea was hatched. The strategist thought this could help Mel's sinking poll numbers, and so she was branded as a politician who fights for the little guy. They went so far as to schedule a photo shoot with Mel donning pink gloves.

Her last name even came to be associated with punching someone, or "Burke-ing" them. But when it led to violence at the school involving Mel's nephew Ryder. So she decided to take off the gloves and go back to her original stance against violence. Right after one last sucker punch when Joe wasn't expecting it.

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