06/14/2012 02:02 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2012

Romney Leaves Mess At Local Cafe: 'Stuff Got Broke'

A restaurant owner in Iowa has a message for Mitt Romney and his staffers: Next time you step foot in my cafe, mind your manners.

Dianne Bauer, who opened up her Main Street Cafe to Romney last Friday for a roundtable discussion, said property was damaged, Secret Service denied regular customers use of the bathrooms and the Republican presidential hopeful didn't even bother to introduce himself to the staff, according to a report by Fox42 KPTM News.

After the event, Romney reportedly called Bauer to personally apologize for the mishap, and campaign managers offered to pay for anything that was broken -- but Bauer is still peeved.

"My dad's picture, an emblem my dad gave me, it got broke. Those aren't things you can replace," Bauer told KPTM, adding that Romney's phone call to apologize came off as "mocking."

"We're the ones he's wanting to get the votes from," she said. "You'd think we would have been treated better."

This isn't the first time Romney has slipped up on Main Street.

In April, at a roundtable talk in Pennsylvania, Romney joked that he "wasn't sure" about one hometown baker's cookies, adding that they looked like they came from 7-Eleven. The incident, dubbed CookieGate, sparked a local backlash, fueling criticism that Romney is out of touch with average Americans.

Rick Perry previously used Main Street Cafe for a campaign event in December, and Bauer said the Texas Governor "made a point of stopping in the kitchen" to "thank us and introduce himself to us."

But after Romney's blunder, Bauer won't be allowing politicians to use her cafe any time soon, according to KPTM, which reported that Romney staffers declined to comment.

Obama seems to have a slightly better track record when he visits restaurants.

Still, small-business owners in crucial swing-states like Iowa favor Romney over Obama, a recent poll showed. But such sentiment could wane if Romney and his gang keep angering local merchants on the campaign trail.

UPDATE: Whoops, there goes Obama's clean record of restaurant visits. ABC is reporting that Obama skipped out on the check Thursday afternoon at a D.C. barbecue joint.