06/15/2012 12:25 pm ET

Chris Wallace Addresses Getting Pulled Over By Police (VIDEO)

Fox News' Chris Wallace addressed rumors that he was arrested during his weekly appearance on Friday's "Fox and Friends."

Wallace was calling into a radio show for a live interview on Thursday when he was stopped by police, and hung up. He interrupted the host, saying, "I'm talking to you on a cell phone and there’s a police man here and I probably shouldn’t have been talking on a cell phone. So, uh. I’m about to get arrested. Good-bye."

The co-hosts of "Fox and Friends" teased him about the incident on Friday, mentioning rumors that Wallace had been arrested and playing police sirens.

Wallace clarified that he had not in fact been arrested. He explained that he had been running late and couldn't pull over until later. By the time he did, a police officer had already spotted him on his phone.

"A policeman saw me and he came up behind and he said, ‘you were on your cell phone,'" Wallace recalled. “I said, ‘I was talking on the radio.’ He said, ‘I don’t care’ — as he shouldn’t have — and he gave me a ticket."



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