06/15/2012 09:24 am ET Updated May 15, 2013

Dads' First Photos With Their Babies [SLIDESHOW]

They say a woman becomes a mother when she gets pregnant, but a man becomes a father when he sees his baby for the first time. We're not exactly sure who "they" are, but based on the experiences of dads in our midst, it seems like a sound statement. Typically tough and stoic men turn to putty in the presence of a newborn. Formerly relaxed dudes pull it together and vow to take responsibility for a little someone they've just met. And for the next 18 years and beyond, these guys remain this way. They are no longer just men. They are Dads.

To celebrate Father's Day, we wanted to capture the spirit of those initial moments that change everything. Below are pictures dads took, either in the hospital or during their new babies' first days at home, and a few sentences that sum up what they were feeling at the time. Click through the gallery and add your own photos too. Just press "add a slide" to contribute.

Happy Father's Day!



First Photos Of Dads And Babies