06/15/2012 03:30 pm ET

Tiana Evans, 5-Year-Old, Saves Child From Drowning At Pool

While 5-year-old Tiana Evans was at a public pool with her mom in American Fork, Utah, earlier this week, she thought she saw a little girl trying to grab a ball from the bottom. But according to ABC-4 Salt Lake City, when Tiana swam closer, what she found instead was that the 4-year-old was actually trying to come up for air.

“She grabbed my thumb and then I pulled her up,” Tiana told the station.

Tiana's mother, Emily, acknowledged it a was a feat out of the ordinary for such a young child.

“Most kids, when they’re playing and someone is pulling on them, they say ‘get away from me’ but Tiana knew to pull her up,” Emily told ABC-4.

Tiana is the latest child to prove that the young are highly capable of thinking on their feet in life-threatening situations.

This past spring, a 4-year-old New Yorker called 911 when her younger brother was choking on a piece of chicken.

In April, a 7-year-old from Texas whose mother has a heart condition, called 911 after her mom fainted in their car. The girl was able to relay the location where her mom had pulled over and later won an award for her actions.

And just last month, a 12-year-old saved his four younger siblings from a fire in their Florida home. He reportedly even ran back into the house to carry his youngest sister out after he'd ushered his brothers to safety, and then went back inside once more to call 911.

Still, it seems that children may not always be aware of the significance of their heroic actions. At the time of the fire in Florida, Justin told a local NBC station that he was "just helping my family and stuff."

And when Tiana's mom call her a hero, the 5-year-old promtly deflected the title and corrected her mother.

“She said ‘no mommy, I’m a lifeguard,'" Emily told ABC-4.