06/19/2012 01:16 pm ET

New York City Heat Wave 2012: First Day Of Summer Will Bring Hot, Hot Temps

A heat wave will arrive, appropriately, on the official first day of summer this year. After our non-winter, and capping off one of the "warmest 12-month period since at least the Civil War," temperatures will reach 95 degrees Wednesday and 97 Thursday. Both days, the cement-compounded heat index could climb to a record high 105 degrees. The National Weather Service may even issue a heat advisory.

In such a scenario, The NYC Office of Emergency Management says, "Depending on the severity, the City may open cooling centers, increase outreach to the homeless and other at-risk populations, or issue excavation safety alerts for contractors working with underground infrastructure."

Considering city pools won't open until June 28th, these next two days could be a great opportunity to go to the beach.

(Soon to be ex-) Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe thinks you should go to Staten Island. "The best kept secrets in New York City are the beaches of Staten Island,” he told The Daily News, referring to South Beach, Midland Beach, Ocean Breeze, Cedar Grove and Wolfe’s Pond. “There are beautiful boardwalks, restaurants and cafes, playgrounds, playing fields, ornamental fountains, fishing piers. People don’t know about them because they are in Staten Island and they are not as famous as Rockaway or Coney Island. But they are even more beautiful because they have wonderful views of Coney Island and the Atlantic Ocean and the New Jersey Highlands.”

Or, if the beach is too far, you can always (legally) bust open your block's fire hydrant:



Cooling Off In NYC Fire Hydrants