06/20/2012 03:45 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2012

Cancer Survivor's Wife Donates Wedding Ring To Patients At St. Vincent's Medical Center (VIDEO)

A message scribbled on the back of a bandage may have taken hospital workers by surprise, but it was what was taped to the bottom that truly touched their hearts.

An anonymous woman left her wedding and engagement rings at a St. Vincent's Medical Center chapel with a note stating she wanted to donate the items to cancer patients. The letter was simply signed "Cancer Survivor's Wife."

An EKG technician at the Bridgeport, Conn., hospital found the envelope placed in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary last week, according to the Connecticut Post.

"I feel like crying. She gave up her precious thing because her husband was a cancer survivor," Margalie Alphonse told the newspaper.

The message also stated the ring was valued at $3,300.

Although the donor hasn't been identified, many were moved by her generous, sincere contribution.

"There are no words to describe how you feel, the poignancy, the heartfelt emotions that were conveyed in that simple note are just overwhelming," Bill Hoey, vice president of Mission Services told WTNH.

The woman's gesture also inspired others to give back to the hospital, WABC reports. Officials told the station they've received "received preliminary indications that other donors would like to match that contribution."