06/20/2012 01:41 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2012

King of Diamonds Reality Show 'Make It Rain' Apparently In The Works (NSFW VIDEO)

Among Miami's most notorious local products -- sugarcane, narcotics, and Enrique Iglesias -- are the world's best strippers. Or so we're told.

And until now, the rest of America had to purchase a plane ticket, watch "Morning Joe" during the Florida Republican Primary, or spend time in the Miami federal prison to experience the bounty.

Enter the not-safe-for-work trailer (above) for infamous Miami Gardens booty palace King Of Diamonds' purported reality show "Make It Rain," posted on Kicking off with shout-outs to the club from the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross, the "#1 urban club in the world" quickly plunges into the drama with fights between bartenders, fights between strippers, and a nonplussed general manager who intones the squabbles are "pretty much every night for me."

"I'm not on nobody's side about nothing," offers a blond highlighted dancer, clearly the crew sage. "What y'all beef is, is y'all beef, and like, talk it out."

According to YouTube:

This is the story... The story of the money, the girls, the people, the fame and the love. Taking a page from HBO's hit series CATHOUSE, and FULL THROTTLE, MAKE IT RAIN will be an amalgamation of docu-drama and sexuality, but at the very heart of the piece is a real story. [Owner] Terry managing a thriving business and juggling his other business ventures. At the same time, being a father figure to his employees, giving advice, coaching, paternally guiding some of the girls, making sure that his team of managers (the four horse men) and his self are on the same page, keeping his "A" list celebs clients, music entertainers and athletes happy...and doing all of this as a happily married man with a family of his own!

Also along for the ride: club host and booty bass legend Disco Rick, animated spinning diamonds, the in-club barber shop, and footage of star dancer Tip Drill, who reportedly quit the club after a terrifying, near-fatal fall from the rafters during a performance. While Baller Alert reports only that "a big network picked up the show.. and I'm not talking about VH1 or BET," you can bet on this: it's going to be eye-opening -- and we're not talking about the ladies' astonishingly nightly take-home pay.