06/20/2012 04:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney Is The Stock Image Model Of Our Dreams

For every article we post here at Huff/Post 50, there are untold hours spent scrolling through the stock image libraries of Getty, Shutterstock and more, looking for the perfect photo to capture today's post 50 man and woman.

We know what 50+ years looks like -- and so does Wilhelmina Models -- but it doesn't seem like the memo has landed on the stock image industry's desk. Being over 50 doesn't necessarily mean thick bifocals, high-water pants and walkers. It's a challenge to find the right images to reflect that.

So imagine our surprise to learn (thanks to the good folks over at New York Magazine), that the stock image model couple of our dreams was right under our noses.

mitt romney

Look at Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Anne hitting all the stock image "mature couple" hot spots! Holding hands (because just because there's snow on top doesn't mean there's not fire down below); head thrown back, laughing; and full heads of hair blowing in the wind! So carefree! So virile! And Mittens -- so rugged and manly, with the sleeves of his button down rolled up just so to reveal a bronzed and toned forearm!

If running what's left of the free nation doesn't work out for you Mitt, we here at Huff/Post 50 think you and Anne would make great models for our next article on post 50 marriage. Call us!