06/20/2012 06:27 pm ET Updated Jun 29, 2012

No Age To Headline Anti Walmart Benefit in LA (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Hipsters don’t like big corporations. They especially don’t like it when the biggest giant of all -- Walmart -- moves into their backyard.

Which is why noise-rock band No Age is headlining at an anti-Walmart benefit show in Los Angeles on Friday, June 29.

The show, called "No Walmart!," will be at Human Resources, one of our favorite gallery/event spaces in Chinatown. The venue is about a mile away from the Chinatown building that Walmart secured permits for in March.

On the Facebook event page, organizers write why they hope to stop the Chinatown store, which would be the first Walmart centrally-located in the city of LA:

Making Change at Walmart estimates that for Walmart to reach its national market share in L.A. County, Walmart would need to build 212 stores. These 212 stores would result in a net loss of 8,744 retail jobs, the loss of more than $621 million in wages per year… and an increase of 9,400 workers to the already-stretched state Medi-Cal health care.

The evening will include performances by popular electronic duo Tearist and experimental chamber ensemble LA Fog. DJs from Chinatown-based K-Chung radio will also be spinning, incluidng Jim Smith (co-founder of The Smell) and Nick Malkin (of LA Vampires).

The show is meant to kick off what anti-Walmart groups and individuals hope will be a 10,000-person march, the "largest Walmart protest in the history of the US," on Saturday, June 30.

Click through photos and videos of the bands and DJs who will be performing:

No Walmart!