06/20/2012 12:14 pm ET

Ronald Morris Walsh, Homeless Man With Eye Tattoo, Allegedly Attacks Milton McKnight, Unofficial Ambassador Of Orlando

For many people, tattoos are a way to express their personality and individuality.

For police, tattoos are an easy way to track down alleged criminals since they are the first things people notice.

That's certainly the case with Ronald Morris Walsh, a 35-year-old homeless man in Orlando, Fla., who was charged with battery for the apparently unprovoked attack on Milton McKnight on June 13, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Police say Walsh shoved a cigarette down the throat of McKnight, a disabled man. As a fixture in downtown Orlando for more than 20 years, McKnight is known as an unofficial ambassador who's sold sodas with an upbeat attitude to pedestrians, according to WHP-TV.

Apparently, Walsh was fairly easy to identify thanks to the eyeball tattoo on his forehead.

He remains in jail on $500 bond.

According to a website dedicated to McKnight, he suffers from spastic cerebral palsy, and has a nurse who comes in every morning and gives him a bath, gets him dressed, and makes sure everything is ok.

There is currently a campaign that started earlier this year to raise $10,000 for a new wheelchair for him.

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