06/20/2012 01:47 pm ET

Stephen Colbert Declares Dressage (Or Horse Dancing) Sport Of The Summer (VIDEO)

Just as Summer 2012 has already declared an official Summer Jam, courtesy a certain Ms. Rae Jepsen, it's about time that a summer sport arose. And on last night's "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert did just that by naming dressage the official athletic activity of the next few months.

What is dressage, you may ask? It's horse ballet.


If that sounds a bit, say, "Mitt Romney-esque" to you, you're right. Romney and his wife Ann's horse Rafalca recently made the Olympic team for dressage, obviously thanks to Stephen's offering of The Colbert Bump to Rafalca last week.

"There is no better way to combat the myth that Romney is detached, contrition elite than competitive horse prancing," Colbert said. "It's basically NASCAR in a velvet top hat."

And of course, Colbert put on a horse mask and danced to his favorite "jockey jam," "Kokomo." GIF-makers out there, have at it.