06/20/2012 03:31 pm ET

Steve Martin's Hilarious 1978 Promo For 'A Wild And Crazy Guy' (VIDEO)

Back in 1978, Steve Martin recorded a promotional video for his comedy album, "A Wild And Crazy Guy," that happens to have been tailor-made for the Internet -- especially so now that it has resurfaced online.

The promo features a young Martin sitting behind a desk in front of a life-size standee of his likeness. He's offering a prize of one hefty dollar bill to the company who sells the most of his record (this type of video was sent by record labels to retail stores to hype new releases).

And that's not even the funny part. He also talks about the pressure of selling to "the kids with the long hair," plays some of his classic bits and mouths along with the jokes, furiously drinks wine, smokes and generally hams it up for over four minutes.

It's pretty amazing.

The video comes form Warner Music's new YouTube channel, The Warner Sound, which posted the video as part of its series of unearthed footage called "From The Vaults." Watch above.



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