06/21/2012 02:20 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Egle Cekanaviciute: Seed Clothing Sprouts A Garden From Fabric (PHOTOS)

We've heard of pocket gardens but we never thought the term would be taken literally.

Paris-based designer Egle Cekanaviciute has created a line of truly innovative clothes that sprout plants from deconstructed sleeves, shoulders and pant pockets.

Seed, Cekanaviciute's six-piece collection consists of organic fabrics including potato sacks and canvas that have been adjusted and misshapen to allow space for fertilizer and seeds to be placed in sacks which allow the greenery to flourish.

Some of the foliage includes Saint John's wart and Tilia cordata -- yes, that is a type of tree that can sprout from the back of one of Egle's dresses.

And while her designs fit those with a green thumb and those who love couture, Engle told HGTV Gardens, there is a deeper meaning behind this take-a-long cultivation:

"The collection is styled following the obvious conclusion that any human creation is helpless against the power of nature."

We couldn't agree more. Click through our slideshow to see more of Cekanaviciute's creations.

Egle Cekanaviciute's Designs

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