06/21/2012 11:19 am ET

Summer Saving Tips: How To Cut Costs, Reduce Energy Waste, And Stay Safe This Season

Now that summer has officially begun, it is time to slip into your favorite sandals, hop in a lake, and eat lots of watermelon. But with extra fun comes added risks, especially when enjoying the great, and hot, outdoors.

The EPA has released their list of 15 Hot Tips For A Cool Summer. Their advice includes important warnings, like remembering to use sunblock, but they also make some untraditional suggestions, like the best type of firewood to use and how to begin composting.

The list also addresses Energy Star savings. Energy Star is a government program that steers consumers towards energy efficient products and places in order to save money and energy.

According to the Energy Star website, “Americans, with the help of Energy Star, saved enough energy in 2010 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 33 million cars — all while saving nearly $18 billion on their utility bills.” The EPA suggests not only watching the energy consumption in your own home, but also checking out Energy Star hotels when going on vacation this summer. According to Energy Star, "On average, America’s 47,000 hotels spend $2,196 per available room each year on energy."

Below are the EPA’s 15 Hot Tips For A Cool Summer. Do you have any Earth-friendly advice not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!

List and tips courtesy of the EPA.

EPA's Fifteen Hot Tips for a Cool Summer