06/21/2012 08:13 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Interior Decorating Robots: Is This What Designers Will Look Like In The Future?

We were pretty much blown away after reading about a new trend in technology: Robots that decorate. No, seriously. Earlier this week Wired introduced us to two androids programmed to create interior decor, and we had to share them with you. After all, it's not often -- or ever -- we say 'interior design" and "robots" in the same sentence.

First there is Robofold, designed by British scholar Gregory Epps, with an impossibly strong robotic arm that bends steel into custom-designed furniture and innovative sculptures. Designers simply have to upload their idea into a RhinoCAD program and the robot cranks it out with ease.

That's not all. Robots are being used to design intricate mosaics too. Artaic, founded by Ted Acworth, can replicate detailed patterns and images with tile which can be installed as backsplashes or feature walls.

Amazing! But we're still holding out for the next wave of robots that will clean our homes... like the lovable Rosey from "The Jetsons."

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