06/21/2012 08:47 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2012

Jon Stewart Praises The 'Genius' Of Fox News' G20 Coverage (VIDEO)

This week, diplomats from around the globe are convening in Los Cabos, Mexico for the G20 Summit, and President Barack Obama is among them.

At the top of Obama's to-do list is discussing Syrian weapons sales with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the 24-hour news cycle has skewed the story a bit. Instead of analyzing Russia's policies or Obama's negotiation tactics, they've focused on something more important. Namely, body language.

So on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart expressed concern at the analysis.

And sure, MSNBC and CNN both covered the body language topic, but no one did it better than Fox News, according to Stewart.

"They see this, they immediately know what it is, and that it's enormously important," he joked. "The liberal media's all 'Oh, they're leaning away from each other. What does it mean? I don't know what it means anymore!' Fox jumps in, 'HE'S A WEAK CHILD WHO IS SLOUCHING AMERICA TOWARD THE NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST!'"

What really brought Fox's coverage to the next level for Stewart, though, was their employment of "random juxtaposition." They didn't just look at Obama's "cheek twitches" and leave it at that, they somehow tied in Ronald Reagan and the Berlin wall.

That, my friends, is how it's done. That's how you take a few seconds of Obama video and turn it into a rich soup of decontextualized imagery designed to bypass the frontal cortex and go straight to the amygdalas of old people, triggering cascades of dopamine and giving them all a giant Reagan boner. It's why they're number one.

Watch the full clip above.