06/21/2012 02:03 pm ET

Starlin Castro Catch: Cubs Shortstop Makes Amazing Bare-Handed Grab (VIDEO)

Cubs pitcher Travis Wood recorded his first win of the season on Tuesday night, but it was shortstop Starlin Castro that stole the show during an intra-city showdown in the Windy City.

In the fifth inning, Castro made an unbelievable play on a fly ball hit to shallow left field by Alejandro De Aza. At a full run, the shortstop managed to twist his body, get a glove to the ball and then somehow snag it with his bare hand after it popped out of the leather.

"I don't know," said Castro after the game when asked how he made the play, via MLB. "The ball jumped in my glove and I saw it and I had it in my hand. Unbelievable. I don't know how. It's like I flipped it to my other hand. It happened quick. It's a nice play."

In a season already filled pitchers taking the workload away from fielders, the catch was a nice addition to a growing list of defensive highlights.