06/21/2012 12:28 pm ET

Summer Solstice: Is June 21 The Healthiest Day Of The Year? (VIDEO)

Happy summer! The summer solstice (usually June 21, but this year June 20) marks the longest day of the year, seemingly endless hours of sunlight and fresh air.

While of course there are sunburns to consider, the right amount of sun exposure can do a body good. You'll get some often much-needed vitamin D, you're likely to feel your mood lift and you might even be encouraged to exercise more.

In the video above, Per Arnold Andersen, head of the Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate Department at the VELUX Group, explains more benefits of sunlight and fresh air -- and why some people are calling June 21 the healthiest day of the year. Tell us in the comments how you'll be putting those extra hours to good use.