06/21/2012 07:09 pm ET

Why Do People Cheat? Join Us For A Live Discussion

Earlier this week, we reported on a new survey of counseling professionals that suggests men and women cheat because they're "emotional dissatisfed" with their partners.

The survey -- which was released by YourTango.com -- sparked quite a bit of debate in the comments section, with readers offering their own opinions on why people cheat. Some readers suggested that people stray because they get caught up in "the thrill of the hunt," while others said cheaters "lack moral character."

We want to know what you think: Were you surprised by the findings? Do you think men and women cheat for the same reasons? If you were unfaithful in a relationship, would you say emotional unfulfillment played a part?

We're looking for people who have a strong opinion on whether or not men are more likely to cheat due to an emotional void in their relationships. Participants will be asked to share their opinions and stories in an on-camera discussion via webcam with The Huffington Post. Join us at 4pm ET (-5 GMT) on Friday, June 22nd, for a Live Discussion. Please email tim.mcdonald@huffingtonpost.com with your opinion, stories or any questions. Thank you!