06/22/2012 09:34 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Anderson Cooper On 'Jimmy Kimmel': CNN Host Talks Kathy Griffin, His Mom's Erotic Novel

Anderson Cooper stopped by Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show on Thursday and shared some embarrassing moments he's had to endure with his New Years Eve co-host Kathy Griffin, and mother Gloria Vanderbilt.

Cooper has openly acknowledged how Griffin is a challenging house guest in the past, but on Kimmel's show, Cooper said Griffin is actually one of the fanciest people he knows. "She expected my house, first of all, to be from like Downton Abbey. She expected a staff of people to be there. There's no staff!" Cooper said. "After a day and a half she left to go to George Stephanopoulos' house because she heard there was a staff there," Cooper said.

Cooper added that Griffin is also good friends with his mother. "My mom has thrown dinner parties for Kathy Griffin," Cooper said. "They hang out and talk about sex all the time."

As Cooper has shared before, his mother wrote an erotic novel and romance memoir, which, according to Cooper, are "basically about all the guys she's hooked up with." She asked Cooper to proof-read her memoir, in which she referred to her boyfriend at the time as the ""Nijinsky of cunnilingus."

Watch Cooper discuss Griffin in the clip above, and his mother in the video below.


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