06/25/2012 03:42 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

House Beautiful July/August 2012 Celebrates Small Spaces With Big Style (PHOTOS)

House Beautiful's July/August issue is all about the small spaces in our homes. And though it doesn't hit stands until July 3, we're giving you a sneak-peek inside one feature called "The Magic of Little Nests," in which designers discuss their favorite small spaces that make a large home feel cozy and warm.

This new issue has us thinking outside the box and taking another look at the small spaces in our homes we normally neglect. From walk-in closets to bay windows, designers Mary McDonald, Rob Southern, Barry Dixon, Markham Roberts and Ann Wolf share their favorite spots that showcase warmth and relaxation. And even if you're living in a small home, you can gain inspiration from the beautiful photos that really highlight how wonderful tiny places can be.

Flip through the slideshow below for a peek inside House Beautiful's new July/August 2012 issue. And for more ideas on decorating for small spaces, visit housebeautiful.com.

All images courtesy of House Beautiful.

House Beautiful's July/August 2012 Issue