06/22/2012 07:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Romney Campaign Releases Individualized Ads For Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign released four new TV ads Friday morning, each of them tailored to a specific swing state.

The ads will run in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa. All of them are built around the idea of Romney's first day as president, and what he would accomplish in his first 100 days.

Three of the four ads mention Romney's intent to repeal President Barack Obama's health care law. It is not mentioned in Ohio; instead, Romney's intent to challenge China over its currency manipulation is put front and center.

Virginia and Iowa will hear of a president who "attacks the deficit, starting with $20 billion in savings.” North Carolinians will be told that after getting rid of "Obamacare," "Romney moves to cut taxes that kill jobs.”

After that, each ad is different. Iowans will hear that Romney intends to start "working toward a balanced budget, making sure the government lives within its means." Their state's ad closes with assurances that a Romney presidency would "mean fewer worries about their future and their children's future.”

Virginians are told that by day 100, Romney "reverses Obama’s offshore drilling ban, creating thousands of new jobs for Virginians," and that a Romney presidency means "new life, new energy for our state."

North Carolina voters will hear that "Romney’s leadership brings new certainty to our economy and the promise of new banking and high-tech jobs." Their state's ad ends with a simple: "For North Carolina, a new start."

Ohio voters are going to hear of a President Romney who "repeals regulations that are strangling our energy industry and costing us jobs." Their ad closes with an explicit mention of factories: "For Ohio, already a better place to do business as we see more factories and jobs coming back.”