06/22/2012 08:52 am ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

The New Republic of Porn

Stuart Lawley navigates Bear's Club Drive in his midnight sapphire Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé, a $464,000, 3-ton, 12-cylinder land yacht so well-engineered that ensconced in its butter-soft leather, one barely senses motion at all. Lawley docks gently at a French-style château adjacent to the 15th fairway of a luxuriant tropical Florida golf course designed by "the Golden Bear," Jack Nicklaus. Celine Dion owns a place nearby, Lawley mentions. Michael Jordan is building on two lots just around the bend. Lawley's one-story, five-bedroom, 9,300 square-foot stone manse has a perfectly green lawn made of plastic. "AstroTurf," he confirms. "I rather like it." The previous owner, an auto parts heiress, has moved to a larger spread elsewhere in the development. She was eager to sell, Lawley says. He offered $3.8 million, all cash, take it or leave it. She took it. There's a catch, however: In early June, the homeowners' association delayed the closing because some members were uneasy about Lawley's occupation. "The neighbors are worried that a 'big-time pornographer' is moving in," Lawley says. "Bollocks!"

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