06/23/2012 11:18 am ET

Dubstep Pogo: The Pogo Dudes' Extreme Stunts Wow Crowds At U.K. Festival (VIDEO)

Pogo sticking might seem like a relic of decades past, but add a dubstep soundtrack and some slow-motion backflips to the mix, and suddenly it's a contender for extreme sport of the year.

While they didn't get too creative with their name, the Pogo Dudes sure know how to rock their sticks, as they vault over cars and cafe patrons in this video taken at the 2012 Brighton Fringe festival in the U.K.

The spot, which was sponsored by the U.K. division of French car maker Citroen, features some serious air -- up to 8 feet, to be exact.

But you've got to wonder if the springs on those suped-up sticks are more powerful than the shock absorbers on a Citroen DS3 supermini coupe.

The Pogo Dudes video has been viewed more than 28,000 times on YouTube since it was posted by Citroen Active on June 6.

Despite the duo's acrobatic stunts, some users remained unconvinced of the pogo stick's viability as an extreme sport.

"These guys are talented. But pogo sticks still aren't cool," noted one.