06/25/2012 03:47 pm ET Updated Aug 25, 2012

Ann Curry's Reported $10 Million Deal: Media Figures Who Took Big Buyouts

Less than a week after reports of her upcoming exit broke, it was revealed that NBC News is reportedly planning to pay Ann Curry $10 million to leave "Today."

The New York Post published news of the rumored deal on Monday. The paper notes that the $10 million figure is what she would have made in her last year under her original three-year contract. The final terms of the deal, however, have not yet been announced.

Curry won't be the first person to accept a sizable buyout for stepping down from a show -- and the reported figure isn't the biggest either. Below, see some of the media figures who have negotiated generous payouts from their networks.



Media Figures Who Took Buyouts