06/25/2012 06:18 pm ET Updated Jun 26, 2012

Festival Couch Offers Tricked-Out Motorized Sofas For Music Events

First festival-goers sought to improve the comfort and leisure available at large music events by bringing their own couches to sit on. Now, one Australian entrepreneur wants to make sure they can keep sitting in style, even as they move from stage to stage. The solution: motorized couches.

For Mardy Daniel, a 21-year-old part-time disc jockey, the idea for a motorized couch came, fittingly, while drinking with a group of friends last year. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, he bought a couch for $20 on eBay, outfitted it with the materials needed to make it go, and gave the sofa a test spin at the Rainbow Serpent music festival in Victoria, Western Australia.

Daniel has since launched Festival Couch, a first-of-its-kind motorized couch company. He currently has five couches built with a focus on moving laterally, the better to get through doorways. Under the vehicles' hood -- or cushions -- lies a motor, wheels, solar-powered batteries and a charger.

The couches are geared towards marketing companies looking for something to lease and show off at big events. Daniel told Digital Trends that street performers, charity event organizers, DJs and music video producers have shown an interest in leasing them as well.

The company's tricked-out couches each come with unique details. The Beast Couch offers a motorcycle engine; the Moo-Cowch appeals more to Daniel’s DJ interests and clientele, outfitted with two DJ decks and a speaker system; and other variations include a couch with a 5000-watt speaker and another with a mini-bar attachment.

''I enjoy creating stuff, whether it's music or machines,” Daniel told the Sydney Morning Herald. ''After the first festival, we made a page on Facebook and it just took off. I don't work a day job any more, I just sit on the couch all day.''

Even better: he sits on a couch that moves.