06/25/2012 02:08 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

Kids Give Dating Advice To Corey Podell In 'Kidstructive Criticism' Segment (VIDEO)

Some adults tend to overthink things when it comes to dating. But for kids, the key to winning over a crush is as simple as planning a romantic trip to the dinosaur museum.

In a hilarious video segment titled "Kidstructive Criticism," writer and actress Corey Podell asks children for advice on multiple topics including joining an online dating site, getting out of the friend zone and dressing to impress.

But a woman can't take pointers from just anyone. She has to get to know these so-called experts before even thinking about heeding their advice.

"What do you look for in a guy?" Podell asks a young girl in the video.

"I look for love," the girl says.

Fair enough. But when Podell asks one boy a similar question, he reveals he isn't exactly looking for a deep connection.

"What do you look for in a girlfriend?" Podell inquires.

"Pretty much the prettiness," the young boy says.

And ladies, when things aren't going exactly as planned, remember there's always a way out: "Just cancel."

However, it looks as if these children aren't the only ones eager to share their tips on finding "the one."

On Valentine's Day, the Press Republican published a piece that featured pointers on love from a handful of children.

For one 6-year-old, the key to a successful night out is making sure your date is having an enjoyable time.

"If she doesn't like the place, I'll go to a different place," Oliver Cribb told the Press Republican in February. "If she doesn't like that place, I'll go to a different place. I'll keep trying different places."

Children have also proved to be quite insightful on more than just relationships. It turns out they have quite a lot to say about health, parenting, and, yes, even sex.

(Via HelloGiggles)