06/25/2012 05:41 pm ET

Australian Man Set On Fire Testing Lighter At Gas Station, Dr. Hussei Zaini Saves The Day (VIDEO)

If you were looking for a sign that all those warnings at the gas pump mean something, well, here's your sign.

The dunce cap of the day goes to a driver in Australia, who flicked his lighter as he filled his car with gas last week. Turns out the lighter worked.

Footage captured by a security camera shows flames shoot up and lick the man before spilling onto the concrete below him -- just feet from the pump.

He flees, leaving everyone else at the station in danger.

Just seconds later, a quick-thinking doctor jumps to the man's aid and douses the flames with a bucket of water. Seven News identified the hero as Hussei Zaini.

Firefighters who saw the footage applauded Zaini, but noted that things could have been a lot worse.

"He's very lucky the Gods were on his side, because it was a splash. Any more than that and it could have gone against him," Melbourne Fire Brigade Deputy Chief Robert Taylor said, according to Seven News. "He has recognized the danger of the situation ... his bravery is to be commended."