06/25/2012 11:59 am ET

Sesame Street Strip Club; North Miami Council Debates Nude Liquor Ban (VIDEO)

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The fate of a possible strip club on Sesame Street, more commonly known as Northeast 20th Avenue in North Miami, will be decided by the city council on Tuesday.

The street is home to public television station WPBT, which has aired popular kids show "Sesame Street" from there for decades.

The proposed gentleman's club will be a fully nude establishment with a full liquor license, a combination which is currently illegal in North Miami, reports the Miami New Times.

Although the street is devoid of giant yellow birds and angry trash can dwellers, WPBT's staff are concerned about a strip club opening so close to a place centered around children.

"We have important national, state and local people in and out of this building all the time. We have a major national newscast that comes out of here. We have school groups and kids that come here. In that sense, we are concerned about the aesthetics of the neighborhood. We don't think it's appropriate," Rick Schneider, president and CEO of WPBT, told Local 10.

North Miami residents have also come out to show their disdain for the proposed strip club.

“Right now what you're talking about is removing a ban, you're talking about changing a city ordinance, and what it does is it opens up a can of worms to other strip establishments that want full alcohol distribution,” Pastor Jack Hakimian told NBC Miami.

He also told the Miami New Times that strip clubs "make it hard for the next generation of youth to stay focused, and they ghettoize the community."

Meanwhile councilman Scott Galvin has showed support for the strip club on Sesame Street, saying it will bring business to what is currently an empty building as well as add jobs, NBC Miami reports.

“All we are asking is to use alcohol in the facility — it is already a permitted use, it is zoned in that district and it can be opened here as of right. All we are asking for is the alcohol use,” Jeff Cazeau, an attorney representing the club, told the Miami Herald. “I would like to say this is an investment into a property that stands empty and will increase the tax base of your city. It will create employment.”

In nearby North Miami Beach, full nudity is also banned in strip clubs although the city only recently enforced the ordinance when it required the dancers at gay club Swinging Richards to wear G-strings. Meanwhile two other female strip clubs in North Miami Beach have been allowed to be fully nude for years.