06/26/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Jun 26, 2012

Chicago Heat Wave: Thursday Could Be City's Hottest June Day Ever

Chicago's weather is about to take a turn for the extremely sweltering as the city may be on the brink of its hottest June day ever.

CBS Chicago is forecasting a high temperature Thursday of 102 degrees, which would not only be a record high for that date, but also would tie for the hottest June day ever, surpassing the sizzling heat seen in the area during last week's mini-heat wave.

Meteorologist Tom Skilling is forecasting a 101-degree high Thursday, which would represent the city's first official 100-degree-plus day in seven years.

The heat is expected to begin to rise in the area and hit the lower 80s Tuesday afternoon, according to NBC Chicago.

In order to beat the heat, Chicagoans without air conditioning are urged to go to a cooling center -- such as a public library or police station -- and to take particular care of their pets, not keeping them in a parked, hot car for any amount of time.

The high temperatures are expected to remain in the area through the weekend and into next week, which is not good news for farmers statewide who are already reeling from the area's drought conditions, according to WJBC.