06/26/2012 06:46 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

Chris Christie For Romney's VP? 'Vetting Mitt's Veeps' Shows Why Not (VIDEO)

Who will Mitt pick as his running mate?! Speculation is running wild, as he's eliminated one-time sure things like Marco Rubio, and Republicans can hardly line up quickly enough to publicly say they have no interest in joining Mitt.

Chris Christie is not among them. While many wanted the governor of New Jersey to run for president himself, he instead bowed out early and endorsed Romney during the still-hot primary season. Although he's promised to end out his gubernatorial term, which ends in 2014, he has left open the possibility of joining the national Republican ticket in this year's election.

But Christie has his downsides for a national campaign. For one thing, the brash politician isn't known for as being terribly, well... charming. Then again, compared to Dick Cheney, he's basically Ryan Seacrest.

UCB Comedy just launched a new web series, entitled "Vetting Mitt's Veeps," in which each of the potential candidates meet with Beth Myers, a longtime Romney aide, to help improve their image and find out if they're qualified for the job. Christie is first up to the plate, and as you can imagine, he can barely get through the interview without letting his New Jersey flag fly. With F-bombs.